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Fic: Late, Colby/Liz, PG-13
colby liz
Title: Late
Characters/Pairings: Colby/Liz, Don, mention of Ian/Nikki, David
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2 x 200
Summary: Their late arrivals are definitely noticed
Spoilers: vaguely for 5.23 Angels & Devils
Author’s Notes: Un-beta’d. Part 6 of 7 of my Snapshots series. Follows Awakening. Sorry this took so long to post -- a raging case of writer's block, some family visitors and a dead laptop battery conspired against me.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Numb3rs or any of the characters, much to my dismay.

Liz stepped out of the elevator and glanced back at Colby. “See you later, Granger.”

He nodded, then winked at her as the elevator doors slid closed.

Liz grinned and walked toward the break room. She’d missed her caffeine hit this morning.

“Hey, Liz, got a sec?” Don caught up with her as she headed toward her desk and the paperwork waiting there for her.

“Sure, Don, what’s up?”

Don motioned for her to sit as he leaned on her desk and sipped his own coffee.

“So you’re pretty late this morning, Warner. And Nikki may have mentioned that she thinks you’re dating another agent. Those two events have anything in common?”

Liz managed a grin. “I got caught in traffic. And Nik’s one to talk with her and Edgerton.”

Don smirked. “Right, well, that’s a different story. Edgerton isn’t based out of L.A. And what traffic did you hit? It’s a Saturday.”

Liz took a sip of her coffee, shrugged and turned toward her computer.

Don brushed a hand across her shoulder. “Look, I know I don’t need to remind you about the risks of dating another agent, right? If he messes with you, I’m here…. Just be careful.”


“Hey Colby, wanna grab lunch?”

Colby checked his watch. He’d already worked way past lunch time to make up for being late that morning. “Man, I don’t know, I really need to finish this report.”

David eyed him skeptically. “Something’s going on with you. I know you weren’t late because of traffic this morning. It’s a Saturday. And you’ve been bailing on me for weeks. ”

Colby laughed. “All right, you caught me. I wasn’t late because of traffic this morning. I overslept and didn’t feel like explaining that my alarm clock broke.”

David just looked at him. “And not being around to hang out?”

Colby smirked. “Hey, when you were chasing after that M.E., you weren’t around much and I didn’t hassle you.”

David lifted an eyebrow. “So there is another reason for you being late. What’d you do, miscalculate the time it would take you to get here from her place?”

Colby stood and reached for his wallet. “As a matter of fact, she spent the night at my place, and distracted me this morning.”

David laughed as they walked toward the elevator, but didn’t miss the glance Colby exchanged with Liz.

“You gonna tell me about her?”

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That's right Colby, blame your late lazy ass on the girl. ;-)

Lol, well, technically it was her fault. But he really should have been a gentleman and taken "credit." :)

Thanks for reading!

*shakes head* Busted on two fronts...uh-oh. Yeah, Colby man up! Oh yeah this should be good...can't wait to read the last part...

Haha, yeah, they totally got caught! I tell my students "You be busted, boy!"

eeee it IS interfering! And it's so funny to me that Don's warning Liz cos he all bedded her before, hahaha loving it

I was thinking it was just about time for someone to notice...

(And I love the tender complexity of Don's scene with Liz, at once her boss, her ex, and her friend.)

Edited at 2009-05-25 07:43 pm (UTC)

Oh, they definitely noticed. :)

And I loved that too -- their relationship is so complicated that it was hard to get that across in 200 words, so I'm glad I seem to have pulled it off.

Hehehe Oh, they're on to them! So much for subterfuge!

Enjoying this series...

I know -- you'd think a triple agent could pull that off!

I'm so glad you are!

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