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Fic: Kiss A Girl, Colby/OFC, PG
Title: Kiss a Girl
Characters/Pairings: Colby/OFC Erin Elliot
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100 x 3
Summary: Caught in the rain on the golf course
Spoilers: flashback to pre-series
Author’s Notes: pre-series, partly inspired by prompts #109 Golf, #145 Storm & #118 Playful from numb3rs100. All for mustangcandi, because Colby getting caught in the rain is just too delicious to keep for myself.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don’t own Colby or Numb3rs. But Erin is all mine.


Colby looked out at the morning sky, just starting to darken with heavy rain clouds. There went his afternoon tee time. He finally got a day off to play golf, and the weather wouldn’t cooperate. Another rainy afternoon on a golf course unexpectedly flashed into his mind.

He’d taken Erin out for a lesson on the local golf course, since she insisted that he was the only one who could teach her. A hot July afternoon with thunderstorm warnings meant that they were fortunately alone on the course. Erin’s arm was great for softball, but her golf swing needed help.


Her laughter echoed across the empty greens alongside his groans of disgust. Her swing really was terrible. As he watched her hook yet another shot, he heard the thunder rumbling through the air, and realized that he and Erin were about to get soaked right down to the skin.

There was no time to make it back to the clubhouse; they would have to wait in one of the storage sheds nearby. He grabbed their clubs and Erin’s hand and pulled her toward the shed. They didn’t move quickly enough to avoid being soaked and found themselves dripping under shelter.


He tried to glare at her as she collapsed on the floor giggling, but broke into laughter at her expression. He brushed the drops off his face, and ran a hand through his wet hair, then sat down next to her. He reached over to tickle her, laughing as she squirmed.

Her fingers grasped his shirt trying to hold his hands off, but he knew her weak spots. She turned her head to protest, but ran a hand through his wet hair instead, pulling him closer. Two pairs of hazel eyes met, and she smiled, then gently touched his lips.

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golf as a means to advance a ship - original! me likes.

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