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Fic: Covert Ops, Colby/Liz, Pg-13
liz colby
Title: Covert Ops
Characters/Pairings: Liz/Colby (April Challenge pairing at Numb3rs100) mentions of Don and David
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Summary: Keeping things under wraps
Spoilers: none
Author’s Notes: Un-beta’d. Part 3 of 7 of a series called Snapshots Follows Pay Off.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Numb3rs or any of the characters, much to my dismay.

“Liz, I have those case files you wanted.” Colby walked by and dropped a stack of folders on her desk.

“Thanks, Granger.” Liz was puzzled as to why Granger was bringing her the files she needed. Don had them working different leads, and Colby was supposed to be out tailing suspects with David.

Then she flipped open the top folder.

“Your place or mine tonight?” was scrawled across a post-it note stuck to the first page. Liz grinned, and stuck the note in her pocket. Trust the former triple agent to figure out how to keep their affair under wraps.

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Hee! Sneaky Colby is sneaky. But that's why we love him.

Great job!

That is why we love him. :)

Thanks for reading!

Although now I'm curious... what happens when Don the rest of the team finds out? *eg*

Hehe, I don't know yet. But when I do, it'll show up here! :)

given how long it took them last time, they might only learn of it when they get wedding invites in the mail. :)

Summere7, this is a lovely drabble.

This is great...I love him being sneaky! And what a good reminder of his time as a "traitor".

Just one little editing comment--you need a space between the first and second paragraphs.


And thanks for the editing -- I always need someone to check up on me with that. :)


Yeah sometimes it takes someone else to catching things.

Hee! Post-it sneakiness is one of my favorite kinds--in real life and in fic.


Yeah, the master of secrets. Hehehe

Hey, it's not a bad idea given that Liz used to sleep with their boss!

Yeah, someone asked what's going to happen when Don finds out, which I think will be really entertaining to write.

I love smart!Colby. And apparently so does Liz!

Mannn you can see why Liz is continuing wanting to bed this guy! Loving it so far

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