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Master List
So this is my master list for the Numb3rs fan fiction that I write. Generally that's all I write, but if that changes, it'll appear here. I also generally write only 100 words at a time, but again, if that changes, you'll see it here.

The dates listed are the dates I posted the fic publicly.

The Tuxedo...Colby, G, 3/9/2009

Everybody Wins...the team (Colby, Don, David, Liz, Nikki & Charlie), PG, 3/18/2009

Who Won?...Don/?, PG-13, 3/19/2009

Ready to Fall...Colby/OFC, OMC, OFC Alex Granger, pre-series, R, 3/20/2009

Kiss A Girl...Colby/OFC, pre series, PG-13 3/24/2009

Ghosts...Colby, Liz, PG, 5/8/2009

On the Job...Colby, Liz, Nikki, PG, 6/3/2009

Relief...Don, Alan, PG, 6/9/2009

R Series - 3 part Ian/Nikki series. Inspired by mustangcandi's fic (found here and the November "Gun Oil" challenge at at ian_nikki.
Rewards...Ian/Nikki, Part 1, PG 11/1/2009
Rendezvous...Ian/Nikki, PG13, Part 2, 11/2/2009
Repaid...Ian/Nikki, NC17, Part 3, 11/2/2009

Snapshots - Colby/Liz series - These are all circling around the same point in time, and they're a series of sorts, but I'm working on getting them into a coherent storyline. Once I get that, they'll be put in order and linked to each other. As of now, they're listed in the order I think they should be read in.

Wake Up Call... Colby/Liz, PG-13, 5/8/2009 (Part One)

Pay Off...Colby/Liz, R, 5/9/2009 (Part Two)

Covert Ops... Colby/Liz, PG-13, 5/9/2009 (Part Three)

Bruises... Colby/Liz, PG-13, 5/10/2009 (Part Four)

Awakening...Colby/Liz, PG-13, 5/13/2009 (Part Five)

Late...Colby/Liz, PG-13, 5/23/2009 (Part Six)

At the End of the Day...Colby/Liz, R, 5/23/2009 (Part Seven)

Protection...Colby/Liz, Don, PG, 6/9/2009 (Epilogue)