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Fic: The Tuxedo, Colby, G
Title: The Tuxedo
Characters/Pairings: Colby
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: somebody's getting married
Spoilers: none
Notes/Warnings: I kept imagining Colby in a tuxedo – and this was the result.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Numb3rs, though I really wish I did.

His black bowtie itched. In fact, he felt like it was cutting off his air supply. This wasn’t his first wedding, but he sincerely hoped it would be the last.
A murmur swept the church as the music swelled, and the most beautiful woman in the world started walking toward him. All he could think about was his father, and how proud he would have been today.
“Who gives this woman in holy matrimony?” the minister asked.
“I do,” Colby answered. He squeezed his sister’s hand, kissed her cheek, and stepped back behind the man who would become his brother.

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