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This is my journal for posting the fanfic that I write... Generally I stick to 100-300 words, though there are (rare) exceptions.

Feel free to add me, though I probably won't return the favor. I do have another journal that's personal (summere7), so feel free to PM me and introduce yourself if you'd like to know more about me.

I'm a member of savecolby and numb3rs100 and I've been really lucky to get positive feedback and encouragement from the other members.

I'm a big Numb3rs fan, mostly Colby, though I love the whole show and all the characters.

I don't read slash. Ever. It's a personal preference, but I have no judgments about other people reading/writing it.

I generally don't read OC fic either, though if it's highly recommended, I'll at least try it. Reading other people's OC fic tends to mess with my original characters, and with my perceptions of the characters as portrayed on Numb3rs.